Leah has always been a very gifted Mensa intellectual. She has always been very active, full of energy and involved in several projects at one time, to the point of exhausting me.

In the last few years her health has steadily gone downhill because of dealing with a high level of chronic pain due her many health problems.

On a scale of1-10 (with 1 being the least and 10 the worst-out her mind pain) her pain starts daily at 6-7 pain level. With breakthrough pain topping past 10. Multiple ER visits & many doctors’ visits concluded she suffers from chronic pain, spasms with bouts of breakthrough pain. Her depression is also triggered by her pain thus complicating her mental outlook.

She has many health issues:

  • Dysautonomia with syncope (heart/ low blood pressure)
  • Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (manifesting itself as Rheumatoid Arthritis in her spine)
  • Fibromyalgia throughout her body & Spasms constantly moving through her body
  • PTSD, and Depression aggravated by pain

At present her Pain Management Doctor can only treat her for pain with:

  1. Anti-spam medications that partially work
  2. pain prescriptions that don’t work for her because her pain is so high.
  3. Pain prescriptions that will conflict with her current medications.
  4. Pain medication that she has had severe allergic reactions.

Her Pain doctor explained to us that she didn’t think she could help her anymore since she is not allowed to prescribe adult prescriptions for children, and many of those prescriptions can create addiction to the medicine.

This was a bright 15 year old, energetic, bouncy, a happy child full of life now forced to remain in her bed and room for many hours of the day, most days it is very painful just to move around the house or to do simple chores. It is very hard for her to attend regular school or go with me to the park to play or even a store. She withdrew into her dark room, depressed and wanting to be left alone.

So desperate for the basic of palliative care for my daughter I reached out for other options. The goal is to improve her quality of life, mental outlook for both her and the family.

In my quest for alternative therapies I read extensively on CBD therapies WITHOUT the high that THC gives and without all the side effects, including that there have never been an overdose on record. Girded with this new information I began my research into companies selling CBD oil that was safe for human consumption, meaning CBD that wasn’t cut with chemicals that could be harmful.

Sunshine Global Health met this criteria and surpassed my expectations.

Currently she is taking Sunshine Global Hemp CBD Oil and is now a different person. She is up in the morning once again, full of life and back to that bouncy little teenager. Her school grades have improved to an A and she’s in advanced classes. She now loves going to the park and playing with other children again, and with no pain or aches after. Her mental focus is clear, she is out of bed, functioning well and has more positive outlook toward the future. Sunshine Global Hemp CBD has saved her & us.

Her pain has gone down tremendously and now she’s able to help able to help around the house, she’s more cheerful and has been much happier than before we started taking CBD. She was skeptical at first, wondering if it would work, but after a few days she noticed changes in her pain level and was feeling better. We wouldn’t be the same without it.

Most Appreciatively & loyal customer

Melisa, Springhill FL

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Stage 4 GBM Brain cancer October 2016 – I started Sunshine Global products before, during and after 6 weeks radiation & chemo therapy- 150mg. I continued on chemotherapy while taking the Sunshine Global Hemp CBD oil. January 2017 – My second and latest MRI results came back positively, according to my neuro-oncologist. The MRI was better than my last one, which was cancer-free – I had no visible tumor cells at all.  My surgical cavity is not just scaring over, but it is actually coming back together on itself and healing, not just covered by scar tissue. I continue to be on Temozolomide chemo therapy of twelve cycles with the oil and based on my own experience and what I know about my diagnosis, I do happily say I believe I will be taking this oil for the rest of my life with absolutely no downside to it at all. Which is amazing for me and anybody suffering. Please do not wait until it’s too late to try the plant that has such healing power.

Chris W, Palm Beach County, FL

20 years old
As of February 3rd, Chris has decided to stop all his chemotherapy.



My review for your website:

I have been using the Sunshine Global Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil for a couple of months now. My hubby’s diabetes is under control now and his A1C is dropping. My arthritis and fibromyalgia pain is well under control.

It took a few weeks to feel the pain relief but now I know my body has to have the CBD to control my pain. Prior to using, one of my knees was swollen and painful. I later got the CBD-Infused lotion for skin conditions but ended up rubbing it in to my swollen knee, which I hadn’t been able to bend or walk on without a limp. Swelling was already down next day after first application and within several days of rubbing the CBD lotion into my swollen knee, the swelling was completely gone and I was able to bend my knee and walk on without any problem. I will be keeping both of these CBD products in my medicine cabinet forever now! Thank you,

Cindy K Port Orange, Fl.



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I am professional drummer with over fifty years of experience. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with a medically incurable neurological disorder called Task Specific Musician’s Focal Dystonia. This type of Focal Dystonia is characterized by uncontrollable tension, tremors and palsy-like contortions. It caused a gradual and complete loss of motor control in my right hand and nearly ended my career. I literally could not hold even a pencil in my hand. After several years of specialized retraining therapy, I was able to regain about 80% of normal function and return to my profession. But some the symptoms still persisted until I started using SUNSHINE GLOBAL’s Hemp CBD Oil, in the therapeutic strength at the suggested dose for chronic issues (1 pump 3 times daily). I began to experience relief from my remaining symptoms almost immediately. I’m quite confident that the CBD oil will help me resolve the issue completely.

Tom, New York



From Longwood – HERB SHOP

We have a 6-year-old girl with kidney problems.  She had an infection, was given antibiotics which damaged her kidneys as a result; she was hospitalized.  Nephrologist put her on low protein diet and steroids.  He said they would use that until it was no longer effective, then they would have to do dialysis and probably eventually she would need a kidney transplant. 

As soon as mother gave her the CBD she started to respond – with her urine markers improving.  Parents decided to cut back on the prednisone as her face was totally distorted after using the drug.  She did so very gradually, she did not tell the doctor. 

The first month the doctor was elated as to her condition. 

When she went to the following appointment after second month, the physician knew something was up as the child’s face was no longer distorted, her urine showed lots of improvement.  He told mother that whatever she was doing to keep it up.  Mother cut steroids down to a very small amount but is still afraid to tell doctor as she does not want him to report her to child protective services.  Little girl has been on CBD for about 8 months.  She now takes a smaller dose and is pretty much living a normal life – swimming, playing ball etc. 


From SUNSHINE, client in Tucson, Arizona

A gentleman with renal failure and kidney cancer……Started 7/22 using 1 full pump 3 times a day. 7/26 “better overall….significant improvement….feel more energy”


Sunshine Global Hemp CBD is helping me to wean myself from using drugs and I am so thankful. (I took them for pain from a car accident.) Thanks for helping me!            – Becky B.



Like many baby boomers, I am afflicted with health challenges. Since I begin using CBD hemp oil, my body and mind seem to function so much better. I am a type II diabetic suffering from nerve damage in both feet. Now the throbbing and tingling sensations are completely gone. My A1C has also lowered. Carpal tunnel pain in my right wrist was waking me up at night. Not anymore! I sleep soundly through the night and wake up refreshed and pain free. Anxiety has been replaced with a new calmness. I strive to eat healthy and continue to exercise. I have stopped taking pain medications. CBD hemp oil has helped my body and mind function at its optimum level. I plan on using this cannabinol hemp oil for the rest of my life.   

– Donna, age 5



We also recently started using 400 mg+/- Hemp CBD Oil that is sold at Perfect Balance Wellness. We both have arthritis and have found this Hemp oil has lessened our pain considerable. Also a sense of well being, clarity and sleeping much more sound through the night. We are very pleased and grateful that they took the time to explain and encourage us to give it a try. We both are sold on this wonderful product. Candy Greer Culp 



Just wanted to write and THANK YOU, Laura, and staff at Perfect Balance Wellness….I recently purchased the 400 mg+/- hemp CBD oil, that you carry from Sunshine Global Health, and as a “chronic pain sufferer”, and in need of a knee replacement surgery, I decided to try yet ONE MORE method of “pain management”. Well, much to my surprise, this is undoubtedly, the absolute BEST EVER!! NOW, if we could only get our INSURANCE COMPANIES to cover the cost of this wondrous product!!! Again, Many Thanks, Sue T

Sue Theriault reviewed Perfect Balance Wellness, Inc — 5 star



I went into the organic healthfood store, like I do every month loading up on so many supplements to take away the pain from my siactic nerve that went from my butt cheek, wrapped around my hip, down the side of my upper leg, around my knee, cramps in my calf muscle and pins and needles in the front of my leg, which left my toes numb. And the tingling in my hands from arthritis, and joints hurts. I felt crippled in the morning getting out of bed, and sitting, then standing for long periods of time. The woman at the shop had me try CBD oil, 1 squirt of 400 mg. The pain subsided in 1 minute and in 10 minutes I was pain free. I bought a bottle, use it twice a day and have I remained pain free! There is absolutely NO high mentally or physically. There is absolutely NO addiction feelings mentally or physically. And being in menopause, I have NO hot flashes and NO night sweats. It absolutely works heavensvault



I’ve been using CBD oil for a month and I have to say that life is a whole lot less stressful. With all that I have on my calendar, magazine print deadlines, public speaking events, packing and moving to another city by the end of the month, I would normally be extremely anxious and panicking as well as not sleeping. Thanks to CBD oil I sailed through a keynote speech despite a technical meltdown that left me without a PowerPoint presentation. I remained calm and composed. I even told the audience in Pensacola why I was able to remain so calm. I only wish that I had discovered this many years ago. I’m sure my adrenal system wouldn’t be shot! I just wish I had found CBD many years ago.

I bless you every day!!!!!

Linda Sechrist Editor/Sr. Staff Writer Natural Awakenings magazine 



My name is SHIRLEY LORENE. I’m a singer songwriter who was in a bad accident 2&1/2 years ago. My Toyota had the defective exploding devices. I have brain & spinal injuries. The Sunshine Global Health CBD Oil has stopped all my symptoms & suffering. Sweats Pain Nausea Tremors, etc. My injuries are still there, but I can function now & get out of bed without meds. I even quit taking the acetaminophen. My organs were shutting down from taking it. I have no side effects from the CBD oil. I’m taking the 1800 strength. It’s miraculous. Plus my skin is healing. I’ve developing eczema sense the wreck. I have a C1-C2 injury plus many other vertebrae down my spine. This is the only thing I have found that helps me. Now I can get back to life! I have a great life, I just couldn’t be in it until now. Thank you to all the people at SUNSHINE GLOBAL HEALTH. You are saving me. Bless you. Where there is life there is hope. Never give up!

In March 2017 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. My most notable symptom are hand tremors. The doctors in Miami prescribed me first Miraplex and later Requip. Both medications caused me to have nausea and a lack of clarity in my thinking. The doctors have not elected to prescribe me L-dopa due to my relatively young age. During my last visit the doctor stated that if I wanted to go off the medication, no problem. This gave me the freedom to explore alternative medications.

In passing through Sugar Apple I noted that they were selling CBD Oil (Cavinol) and elected to give it a try. After my first day, my response was positive. I believe the primary benefit is a lowering of anxiety levels. (Hand tremors never improve with stress or anxiety). My tremors are better and I feel more confident as I go through the day. My dosage has been to place ½ to 1 pump under the tongue 3 times per day. 
I would recommend anyone with PD to explore this option.

Birch O. Key West, Florida


Hi Walter,

I wanted to send this testimonial to you this evening before I forgot to do so.

Just a little background on Chad… he has degenerative disc disease and severe spinal stenosis which placed him in a wheelchair for two years at the age of 42 unable to walk from severe pain. After 2 spinal surgeries and heavy doses of narcotic pain meds, he was able to walk but his quality of life was non existant. He managed to get off all the pain meds and tried to find alternatives that would not impair his ability to function normally and to help alleviate the lingering nerve pain from scar tissue in his spine and the progression of the disease. After trying several other brands of CBD oil and not getting the desired results, he started taking Sunshine global’s CBD oil with Cavinol. He now leads a virtually pain free life and is able to function for 10 to 12 hour days. Prior to your CBD oil he could only stand for 3 to 4 hours at best then have to lie down to relieve the pressure. I never would have believed how effective CBD oil is if this didn’t happen to us.

Helen Jonas